The wolverine (aka Kuekuatsheu) is the trickster-transformer in Innu culture. Among other indigenous peoples, the raven, coyote, Nenapos, or Wisahkechahk plays the same role.  The mischief-maker, Loki, was the trickster for the old Norse people.

A trickster is the perfect choice of website totem if you want to play with notions of ambivalence, contradiction, and complexity - because the trickster combines many elements of human behaviour, some of them positive, others negative.  Wolverine might be fierce and cunning, but he is also vainglorious and liable to get tripped up in his own egotistical, selfish, and devilish exploits.  At once hero and fool, he delivers all sorts of moral lessons to people through his numerous interactions, often deceitful, with other beings.

Trickster stories remind us of our human fallibilities and the perils of hubris. Trickster helps to keep us humble and honest, two traits that we need a lot more of in this world.

- Peter Armitage, Wolverine & Associates Inc.

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